The Dimmie Fleming Award

The English Bridge Union is proud to announce that the following people have been awarded the prestigious Dimmie Fleming Award for services to bridge. The awards are made specifically to publicly recognise those who have worked hard promoting bridge locally at County level. Congratulations to all of them. About the Award Who was Dimmie Fleming?

The Dimmie Fleming Award - 2020 Winners

Elizabeth Kelly, Manx Bridge Union (picture), Pat Beasley, Leicestershire (picture), Neil Beasley, Leicestershire (picture), Peter Pennington-Smith, Norfolk (picture), John Withers, Staffs & Shrops (picture), Dick Wheeler, Sussex (picture), Elayne Meakin, Warwickshire (picture), Stuart Davies, Yorkshire (picture)

The Dimmie Fleming Award - 2019 Winners

Bernie Hunt, Essex Austin Barnes, Lancashire Liz Stevenson, Merseyside & Cheshire Paul Wilson, Middlesex Maureen Kimbley, Norfolk Sheila Coda, Somerset Shirley Pritchard, Surrey Phil Bennett, Wiltshire Janet Latham, Yorkshire

The Dimmie Fleming Award - 2018 Winners

Nigel Thompson, Berks & Bucks David Man, Cams & Hunts John Honey, Channel Islands Monica Aitken, Kent Jacqueline Wright, Lancashire Glynn Elwick, Lincolnshire Andrea Galpin, Sussex Katharine Hodgson, Wiltshire

The Dimmie Fleming Award - 2017 Winners

Audrey Hartley, Essex David Muller, London Terence Treeby, Devon Mervyn Wotton, Sussex

The Dimmie Fleming Award - 2016 Winners

David Anning, Kent Julia Brough , Surrey Peggy Griffin, Surrey Ron Heath Dorset and Surrey Chris Larlham, Cambs & Hunts

The Dimmie Fleming Award - 2015 Winners

Barry Brelsford, Lancashire David Burgess, Nottinghamshire Joan Burgess, Nottinghamshire Bernard Eddleston, Hertfordshire David Galpin, Sussex Elizabeth Muir, North East Leslie Reece, Warwickshire Geoff Smith, Kent Charlotte Vine, Middlesex Colin Woods, Cumbria

The Dimmie Fleming Award - 2014 Winners

Jim Barker, Cornwall Joy Mayall, Sussex Mike Mollart-Rogerson, Hants & IOW Robert Northage, Leicestershire Bob Warrender, Somerset

The Dimmie Fleming Award - 2013 Winners

Tony Philpot, Essex (1st photo above, with John Williams, Essex chairman) Kevin Comrie, Manchester (4th photo above) Peter Bates, Sussex (3rd photo above, with Sally) Roger Poulter, Sussex (2nd photo above)

2012 Winners

Tom Garrett, Berks & Bucks Penny Riley, Cambs & Hunts Elaine Proctor, Lincolnshire Judy Mitchell, Staffs & Shrops Jackie Clinton, Sussex

2011 winners

Derek Povah, Derbyshire Megan Taft, Lancashire Drene Brown, Lincolnshire Roger Morton, London Ted Reveley, Merseyside & Cheshire Ken Drane, Middlesex Nigel Block, Norfolk Christine Buchanan, Norfolk Suzanne Gill, Norfolk

2010 winners

David & Anne Gilling, Bedfordshire Dave Harrison, Cambs & Hunts Geoff Bell, Cumbria Anne Swannell, Gloucestershire Derek Rue, Gloucestershire Mike Minting, Hertfordshire Bill McCarthy, Oxfordshire Peter Langston, Sussex Ted Bond, Yorkshire Photos of this years winners

2009 Winners

Bob Blackmore, who last August won the first John Armstrong Memorial Award, is now the recipient of the Dimmie Fleming Award for services to bridge. Bob is a player of the highest standard who has won almost every competition in Devon and has represented that County in national events on numerous occasions. He was a founder member of the Exeter Bridge Club, and has been its unpaid financial director since 1994. He has used that position to promote the interests of bridge both for the club and the Devon Bridge Association. Bob largely gave up competitive bridge to take on the role of encouraging young players and those new to the game. For as long as most people can remember, nobody has worked harder for bridge in Devon than Bob Blackmore.

2008 Winners

Stan Harding - Hertfordshire Roy Hughes - Lincolnshire Roger Amey - Norfolk Philip Wraight - Westmorland

2007 Winners

Kay Batting - Sussex Paul Hammond - Worcestershire Margaret Hatch - Berks & Bucks Peter Thompson - Gloucestershire Colin Tuton - Northamptonshire Please click on their names for a mini-biography of each winner.

2006 Winners

Gladys Gittins, Cambs & Hunts Hector Barker, Lancashire Michael Hill, London Robbie Roberson, Norfolk May Langmaid, Sussex Please click on their names for a mini-biography of each winner.

2005 winners

John Cattanach, Worcester Christine Duckworth, London Pat Panter, Channel Islands Janet Sheppard, Cumbria Monica Lucy, Bedfordshire Rita Keable, Bedfordshire Mike de Winter, Kent Terry Udall, Dorset Ramnik Samani, Leicestershire Picture from left, back row: Monica Lucy, Margaret Curtis (who made the presentations) and Mike de Winter; front row Rita Keable, Pat Panter and Christine Duckworth.

2004 Winners

Jean Newton, Worcestershire Brian Keable, Bedfordshire Alan Caves, Bedfordshire Bob King, Kent Shelia Warner, Norfolk Don Smedley, Derbyshire Peter Bentley, Surrey

2003 Winners

Elaine and John Clague, Isle of Man Patricia Gadsby, Sussex Margaret Lamb, Devon Brenda Lihou, Channel Isles Muriel Thruston, Surrey Ray White, Kent Kent players receive Dimmie Fleming Award at the EBU AGM At the AGM of the English Bridge Union Ltd, receiving their Dimmie Fleming Awards were Margaret Lamb of Devon and Ray White of Kent. The Dimmie Fleming Award is given to people who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of bridge at County level. The awards were presented by Keith Stanley Vice President Manx Couple honoured A Manx couple, John and Elaine Clague, pictured left, with Philip Mason in the centre, have been honoured by the English Bridge Union for their services to bridge in the Isle of Man. The presentation of the Dimmie Fleming Awards took place at the conclusion of the E.B.U. Manx Bridge Congress in Douglas on the 14th September 2003. John Clague is the President of the Douglas Bridge Club and the Manx Bridge Union and Elaine Clague is a Vice President of the Manx Bridge Union. Both have long and distinguished records of service to bridge on the island and they continue to play regularly and successfully.

2002 Winners

Peter Walker, Glos John Turner, Worcs Freddie North, Sussex Ron Buddery, Sussex Frank Berry, Derby

2001 Winners

Yvonne Dagwell, Essex John Barratt, Staffs & Shrops

2000 Winners

Yvonne Andrews, Warwickshire Pat Burt, Cornwall Catherine Howell, Isle of Wight Terry Girdlestone, Somerset

1999 Winners

Betty Bartley, Wiltshire Nigel Osmer, Sussex Sid Prince, Essex Eric Pudsey, Yorkshire

1998 Winners

Kay Johns, Channel Islands Marion Murtagh, Warwick John Herbert, Mersey/Cheshire Dawn Herbert, Mersey/Cheshire Kit Platt, Surrey Mollie Simmons, Hampshire

1997 Winners

Bill Dalman, Worcestershire Sandy Constable, Oxon Winnie Ling, Oxon Ernest Burston, Derbyshire John Crowe, Isle of Man

1996 Winners

Mary Cooney, Cumbria Jean Baker, Sussex Morrie Marsh, Oxon Peter Ashcroft, Devon

1995 Winners

Arthur Brown, Cornwall SF Collings, Cornwall Mrs M Holden, Cornwall Peter Constable, Berks and Bucks

1994 Winners

John Manning, Sussex Arnold Deane, North East Joyce Dancey, Gloucestershire Joan Everett, Channel Islands John Woolcott, Devon Julian Hunt, Middlesex Peter & Erica Slatcher, Merseyside and Cheshire

1993 Winners

Hylda Townsend, Warwickshire Allan Packett, Surrey Dennis Crouch, Sussex

1992 Winners

Eric Sheldon, Sussex Warwick Pitch, London Cecil Leighton, London Hubert Castle, Yorkshire Endid Trevaskis, Hampshire and IOW

1991 Winners

Jill Gatti, London Rene Golding, North East Lionel Gardner, Channel Islands RW Robinson, Kent Mrs G Bright, Kent Dr W Bright, Kent Graham Kirby, Merseyside and Cheshire

1990 Winners

Ron Allen, Worcestershire Joyce Hare, Warwickshire Mary Huggill, Manchester Don King, Surrey Kath Coward, Surrey Lundie Rees, Somerset Anne Schofield, Lancashire Gladys Morley, Essex

1989 Winners

Basil Cooke, Staffordshire Norah Williams, Somerset John Morley, Essex Neville Orford, Warwickshire

1988 Winners

Eric Bowtell, Oxon

1987 Winners

F. Dumbleton, Staffordshire Mrs P. Jones, Devon Mrs Marjorie Hathaway, Leicestershire Mr and Mrs A Cleverley, Gloucestershire R. Knight, Essex Mrs Mary Edwards, Surrey Liz Phillips, Surrey Mrs J Coleman, CILBA

1986 Winners

Mrs G. Ali Khan, Devon Ken Bottom, Derbyshire Harold Chope, Dorset Mrs G. Clucksfield, Yorkshire Charles Cuthbert, Essex Freddie Della-Porta, London Wilf Fearn, North West Frank Fletcher, Essex Philip Graham, Southern Counties and Hampshire & Isle of White J Hewitt, Somerset Wilf Lamport, Herts Ged Laurenson, North West Faff Robinson, North West Maurice Schram, Essex Mrs Lucy Shillito, Notts Bill Skelton, North East George Taylor, Leicestershire Noel Vinson OBE, Devon Mrs I. Walker, Berks & Bucks

1985 Winners

Mrs H Robinson, North West Mrs Mary Higson, North West Jack Danby, Isle of Wight E McVitie-Clarke, Devon