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Life is full of minor frustrations, and I’ve just found something new to annoy me. I was trying to think of a quotation to lead off with that summed up our current situation, and from the recesses of my memory, I found one. I was going to kick off with “Don’t the days seem lank and long”, which is just about perfect for these straitened times. But I took precautions. I looked it up. I knew it was Gilbert and Sullivan – Princess Ida, as it happens – but had forgotten, or never knew, what came next.

“Oh don’t the days seem lank and long, when all goes right and nothing goes wrong.”

World Online Youth Championships

The World Online Youth Championships have now reached the KO stage.

England U26 finished 2nd in Premier League group B and have qualified for the semi finals where we will play Turkey, the winners of group A.

The semi finals will be played on BBO as 2x14 board stanzas, and kibitzers are welcome. The times of play are:

Stanza 1: Sunday 7th June 7pm
Stanza 2: Tuesday 9th June 7pm

England U26 team:

May Online Competition

May's competition for our online games, hosted by Funbridge, has concluded.

In the main May matchpoints ladder, Dominic Connolly finished top of the leader board. His best six scores in the month averaged 66.97%, and he wins £30. Second place was claimed by Olivier La Spada with an average score of 66.53%, he wins £20. There were also cash prizes for third to fifth places.

In the handicap ladder, for the players whose scores exceed their NGS by the greatest amount. Anne Hawkins finished top of the leader board over the top six games, with a handicap score of 11.31, winning £25. The second place prize went to Paul Hawkins with a score of 10.9. There were also prizes for third and fourth place.

Are you new to bridge and want to enjoy a friendly game with like-minded players?

EBED are pleased to offer students and novice players relaxed duplicate sessions within a supported environment. The games will consist of 12 boards played at a relaxed pace with experienced teachers on hand to help. At the end of the session you will be invited to share your experiences with your fellow players via Zoom.

More details EBED relaxed duplicate

Bridge Warehouse Now Open

If you need bridge supplies so that you can play with those you live with, or books to keep you occupied, you will need to order them online. We will not be able to take phone orders just yet. All orders will be despatched at the end of every month. You can find our full range of our products on our website.

Daily "Relaxed 9-high" EBU games started on Bridgebase Online

You probably know that we have been running five EBU games on Bridgebase Online (BBO) every day for the last two months and they have been going extremely well, fulfilling a clear need for many of our members in this time of social distancing.

However, we have received feedback that these games are rather strong and can be a bit intimidating for many of our members, so we have started a new “9-high relaxed tournament” at 11am every day, which began on Monday, May 25th with a bumper 32-table attendance.

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