How to get started with bridge

Bridge is an absorbing and entertaining game that is enjoyed by millions across the world. The game is played by four people with a pack of playing cards. You play as part of a pair, one pair against another. Every deal is different and and although the game is not hard to learn, it is challenging to play really well. In our bridge clubs, multiple groups of four play the same deal in turn, so you compare your score with others who had exactly the same cards. This means you can do well even if you get a deal where you have poor cards! This is called Duplicate Bridge.

People play bridge for all sorts of reasons:

  • It is fun to play
  • It has endless variety
  • It is social. You play with a partner and get to know everyone at the club
  • It keeps your mind active and can be played by people of any age, from children to centenarians
  • It is good for concentration, analysis and problem-solving. Some countries even have it on the school curriculum

The next step

What to do next varies a great deal from one person to another, depending on your location, whether you have previous bridge knowledge, and what you want from the game. We would like to discuss with you how you can learn or improve or get back to playing as soon as possible. Please:

  • Call our new to bridge line on 01202 068439
  • Or email us

We also have lots of information below if you prefer to explore on your own - but we encourage you to call us as we find that is the best way to get people started or returning to this wonderful game.

The Benefits of Playing Bridge

Bridge can be a path to your self development and well-being.  Recognised as a leading mind sport, Bridge offers provides individuals and society with social, health and intellectual benefits.  

Support and Guidance

The easiest path to find your way is with a mentor/teacher, they will show you the ropes and navigate your way from learning to play all the way to competing.    

Path to Competing

Competing in Bridge can be immensely rewarding as it tests our every mental faculty. It is also fun and a great way to make friends.  

Measures of Achievement

Your achievements and performance are recognised through two comprehensive EBU schemes. 

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