Promotional materials

Welcome booklet

All new members to the EBU receive a welcome pack which includes a new members' booklet. It is available here to download, should you wish to share it with any potential members as an example of what they would receive.

Promotional Posters - Play Bridge

The leaflets and posters have  a “white space” and it is intended that this white space is used to input the details of the local Bridge Club – or Bridge Teacher – or County – or indeed it could have details of a course due to start in the area. A name and telephone number should always be included. The important point is that the posters and/or leaflets indicate what interested people should do next.

The leaflets and posters may be overprinted using these templates:

Template for Leaflets

Template for A4 Posters

Below are some ideas for where you might like to put the posters and leaflets:

  • Sports clubs and associations including: Golf, Bowls, Tennis, Chess, Gyms, Swimming, Social and Community Clubs
  • Public Noticeboards including Libraries, Schools, Village Halls and Parish noticeboards
  • Fairs, Fetes, Conferences e.g. Bath and West Show, Kent Show
  • Charities where bridge could assist the charity in meetings its aims
  • Local social media groups including Facebook and Nextdoor
  • Waiting Rooms including Hairdressers, Doctors, Dentists and Hospitals
  • Your Bridge Club web sites
  • National Trust

A3 and A4 PostersA4 - size (pdf download); A3 - size (pdf download)

There is a white space to fill in details of who to contact for those wanting to learn bridge, join a club or whatever you wish. You might also wish to put a poster up in a location where you are leaving a pile of leaflets – such as the Dentist’s waiting room or the local golf club.

Word Document Template for overprinting onto A4 posters

A5 four-page leafletsLeaflet (pdf download)

This leaflet has been designed to be distributed in a variety of locations including waiting rooms, libraries and sports clubs. The back page of the leaflet has a “white space” and it is essential that this white space is used to put the details of the local Bridge Club – or Bridge Teacher – or County – or indeed could have details of a course due to start in the area. A name and telephone number should always be included.

Word document template for overprinting onto Leaflets

PostcardsPost card (pdf download)

These can be used to send to your members and we envisage this could be for a number of reasons. To say well done on a score of over 70%, well done on achieving their next masterpoint rank, to wish them a happy 60th birthday, to welcome them as new members to your club, well done on completing a beginner’s course or perhaps invite them to a special event at the club or to a charity event.

Banners - Banner PDF Download

Club advert templates

Download a basic advert which you can personalise to promote your club's sessions. This is produce in Word, so is editable, and keeps graphics, pictures and colour to a minimum so it can be printed cheaply at home if required.

If you have the design skills and software, and the budget for printing, you may prefer to produce a version which utilises more graphics, pictures, and colours.

Lesson advert templates for personalisation by the club or teacher

These are provided as a jepg or pdf. They can be opened in, or placed into, a design/editing package such as Photoshop, Powerpoint, or InDesign, and the relevant information added in to the blank spaces. You may also be able to put them in a Word document and then use a textbox to superimpose the necessary text. The font used is Myriad Pro. In the heading box it is stretched vertically by 125%.

No season      
Original size, jpeg Original size, pdf A4 size, jpeg A4 size, pdf
Original size, jpeg Original size, pdf A4 size, jpeg A4 size, pdf
A4 size, jpeg A4 size, pdf    
A4 size, jpeg A4 size, pdf    
A4 size, jpeg A4 size, pdf    


Copies of the artwork for these posters can be downloaded below as either A1 or A5 sizes, and you could reprint them at other A-sizes. If you would like an A1 copy of either/both for use at a promotional event, please get in touch and we will send one to you (we do not have other poster sizes available). 10 Reasons why you should play bridge

Play bridge

Why people play bridge

An A4 leaflet giving some of the reasons why people play bridge (based on the research undertaken by Stirling University).

Fast Track Bridge

An A4 'flier' for Fast Track Bridge which could be combined with an advert for specific lessons (perhaps on the reverse side of the leaflet).

Other promotional ideas

Flags Flags are another way to draw attention to your club's premises (particularly if it may be hard to find - they could be positioned at the top of a driveway, for example) or, for example, to your 'stall' at a promotional event in your local town hall. Ours were purchased in 2016 from for around £55(+VAT) each, but other providers are available. Ours can be broken down and put in to a bag for carrying and storage. They also have a base which can be filled with water or sand to weigh it down for use outside (and it can then be emptied afterwards for moving/storage). Alternatively you can get an attachment with a spike so it can be stuck into grass. Given the narrow nature of the item, it may take some finessing of your artwork to get it to work - some short club names may work horizontally, whereas long ones may need to go vertically, etc - so we're not able to provide a template. Some providers will design the artwork for you, however, and most will provide an outline so you can judge the area in which you need to fit your design if you wish to do it yourself. Large banner Banners such as these are available relatively cheaply, and can be a great way to advertise your club outside your venue (could be attached to a fence, for example - assuming you have permission to do so). Ours was purchased in 2016 from (other providers are available) for £82(+VAT) for our specific sizing requirements (600cm x 86cm). As every banner will be bespoke it isn't practical to provide a template for these.

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