Free places on Club Teacher Training Courses

In conjunction with English Bridge Education & Development, the EBU is pleased to offer free places on Club Teacher Training Courses. These courses, which are run by EBED, are intended to enable members with a motivation to help bring more players in to the game - and specifically in to their club - to run lessons. We believe that there is plenty of interest in learning to play bridge - it is often the lack of opportunity which prevents people from doing so. With someone in the club who can provide lessons, the club can grow and thrive.

Please note that discussions between EBED and possible hosts in other areas of the country are ongoing, and more venues are added, with the list on the EBED website being updated as appropriate. If there is not a course local to you, and you wish to attend one, then please let EBED know. If you can also suggest a potential venue, that would be very helpful too. Please contact and she will make a note of this for when arranging further courses for 2019, and while compiling the 2020 calendar.

Bookings and claiming free places

To book a place on a course on behalf of a member of your club, a club representative should contact EBED by calling 01296 317217. You will be asked to pay for the place on the course at the time of making the booking, which will be subject to availability. You should indicate at the time of booking that this is intended to be a free place. These bookings should only be made by phone - online bookings are only for full-price places, not for free or discounted ones. The full price of the course is £175, however all affiliated clubs receive a 20% discount, irrespective of whether it is ultimately a free place, so the affiliated club will be asked to pay £140 per person. Once the place has been booked and before the course has taken place, the club should apply to make this a 'free place'. A club official should email the EBU's Club Liaison Officer - - and advise him of the details of the club member who is attending the course, and confirm that the club has approved their attendance on its behalf. Please only apply for a free place if it will be used in the spirit for which it is intended – to help a member provide lessons to bring new players in to the club as part of a club-wide effort to grow the membership and help the club thrive. Within a month of the member's completion of the course, the cost can be expected to be refunded to the club via its EBU account.

Terms for receiving a free place

  • Each club may only apply for one free place every two calendar years - i.e. if a free place is given for a course in 2019 the club will next be able to receive a free place in 2021 If a free place is received, (unless in exceptional circumstances) the club must remain affiliated to the EBU for the following two years