Jonathan Lillycrop

I started playing bridge with my family when I was 13 and immediately loved the game. Much of my time at university was spent playing bridge (with a sideline of a computer science degree) and while there I played in my first congresses. After university I got a job in London and became a regular at the Young Chelsea. Gordon Rainsford who at the time was the manager of the Young Chelsea inspired me to get in to directing and I took the club course at Brighton in 2008 and then the county course in 2010. Directing busy Friday nights at the Young Chelsea gave me valuable experience and I joined the panel as a trainee in 2011. Since then I have moved up through the ranks and am now a Senior Congress TD.

For the past 5 years I have been living and working in Wroclaw, Poland working in IT Infrastructure for a bank. I have now moved back to London and am excited to be taking up the role of Club Liaison Officer for the EBU.

Last updated: June 2019