Crockfords Cup

2020/21 First Round starts 12th October 2020, played online; 2019/20 Final 5th & 6th September 2020, Postponed

The English open teams-of-four championship. This is England's premier teams championship. It consists of knock-out matches in the early stages, played privately, qualifying eight teams to contest an all-play-all final. The competition is part of the Championship Series, in which points can be earned towards the Player of the Year Championship. The Crockford's Plate competition is open to all unseeded teams who are defeated in their first match of the main event, be this in round 1, or in round 2 following a bye. The last 8 from the Crockfords Plate will play alongside the main final (same dates, venue and format).


2020/21 Results - Crockfords Cup; 2019/20 Results - Crockfords Cup; Crockfords Plate 2018/19 Results - Crockfords Cup; Crockfords Plate Content may take a few moments to load

For the 2020-21 competition please note that all matches must be played online.

To enter

The easiest way to enter is online through My EBU. Log-in and select 'Book Events' from the Utilities menu. You can also call 01296 317203/19 or email Entries for 2020/21 are now open. The closing date for entries for 2020/21 is midday, Friday 9th October 2020.

Congress Prices

The prices for this congress are significantly lower than they would have been face to face, but reflect the fact that green-pointed events always attract a premium. Players are also saving a significant amount of money in travel and accommodation costs.

We have been working hard to keep bridge going over the last six months, but with no end in sight we also need to work hard to keep the EBU going. Despite taking advantage of all government support that has been available, making a number of staff redundant and cutting costs everywhere we can, we are still using our reserves at an unsustainable rate. When the furlough scheme comes to an end this will only get worse.

Competitions are one way of raising the money necessary for the EBU's survival and we will be following this pricing strategy for all our online congresses and major competitions.


2018/19 Cup - Tony Forrester, Ed Jones, Graham Osborne and Tom Paske (Alexander Allfrey (captain) and Andrew Robson played in earlier rounds)

Plate - Simon Cope (captain), Maruša Gold, Diana Nettleton and Marion Robertson

2020/21 Cup Timetable
Round To be completed
I October 12th - November 23rd
II November 24th - January 18th
III January 19th - 8th March
2019/20 Cup Timetable
Round To be completed by
I 8th December 2019
II 1st March 2020
III extended indefinitely
IV extended indefinitely
2019/20 Plate Timetable
I extended indefinitely
II extended indefinitely
III extended indefinitely
2019/20 Finals Timetable
Session 1 1:00pm - 2:00pm Match 1
2:10pm - 3:10pm
3:20pm - 4:20pm Match 2
4:30pm - 5:30pm
5:40pm - 6:40pm Match 3
Session 2 8:05pm - 9:05pm
9:15pm - 10:15pm Match 4
10:25pm - 11:25pm
Session 3 10:30am - 11:30am Match 5
11:40am - 12:40pm
Session 4 1:15pm - 2:15pm Match 6
2:25pm - 3:25pm
3:35pm - 4:35pm Match 7
4:45pm - 5:45pm
Results and presentation of trophy by 6:00pm
Entry Fees
The entry fee for 2020/21 is £96 per team
The closing date for entries for 2020/21 will be Monday 14 September 2020.

Master Points

This is a Green Point event, with the following awards.

Crockfords Cup

Round I II III IV Final
GPs 2 2 3 4 see below

Final: 1 Green Point per match won (0.5 for a draw) plus ranking points to the top four teams: 1st 24; 2nd 12; 3rd 7; 4th 3.

Crockfords Plate

Round I II III Final
GPs 1 1.5 2 50% of awards for Cup


Level 5 agreements are permitted in this event.

Venue and Tariff

2021 Final Information The 2020/21 Final will be played online via RealBridge, unless Face-to-Face bridge is possible.