Nordic Bridge Union letter about cheating, and EBU sentencing guidelines

November 25, 2020

We have received this letter from the Nordic Bridge Union and we are pleased to express our support and willingness to work with other NBOs who are acting to address the scourge of cheating.

Earlier this month, the EBU Disciplinary Panel had announced that they have been developing sentencing guidance for national use, which may be helpful for other bodies involved in any disciplinary cases of this sort.

They establish the standard sanction in the EBU for cheating as an individual to be 3 years membership suspension and for any pair that colludes the standard sanction will be 10 years suspension from membership. The names and sanctions should be published on the front page of the website.

An admission of guilt at the earliest opportunity will usually result in a reduction of a third of the appropriate sanction for the offence as set out in the Disciplinary Panel's sentencing guidance. This reduction adheres to the advice set out by the Sentencing Council of England and Wales. Other mitigating circumstances may be taken into account resulting in a sentence that is reduced by more than a third if the defendant has pleaded guilty at the beginning of the disciplinary process.