National Pairs This Weekend

April 9, 2021

For members booked to play in the National Pairs this weekend, you will have been sent an email with details about joining the event.

You will find the event programme on the event results page along with the links for the two sessions. After the sessions are complete you will also find results there.

When you log on to play, please enter your name as found on your EBU record, in proper case (eg John Smith, not JOHN SMITH, john smith or John S), along with your EBU number without leading zeros (105719 not 00105719). That way you will be taken straight to the table with your partner for later sessions of pairs events. For the first session of each event, you will come to the lobby and from there you can sit at an empty space in an unassigned table. You can find your partner by typing their name in the Filter box at the top of the screen.