Tournament Department

Charles Bucknell

Charles ”Charlie Chuck” Bucknell is an enthusiast of all things to do with classics, bridge and halo. Having previously been both a bridge and chess player, four years at Durham university guided him towards the correct path and he has now represented England on the U26 team in international tournaments on multiple occasions. Never afraid of experimenting with system or solving squeeze problems, I would caution any player who plays believing Charlie’s weak 2 vulnerable openings ‘must surely have at least one honour’.


Nick Doe

I have a Law degree and qualified as a Solicitor more years ago than I now care to remember. I retired for the first time in my late 30s and came to work for the EBU as Secretary to the various Committees.


Robin Barker

I started playing bridge whilst studying mathematics at university; it was there that I also started directing. After university, I did a couple of years in professional theatre before settling down to twenty years' work at the National Physical Laboratory as a computer scientist. I attended the some of the first County TD Courses in the early 1990s and worked my way up the ranks to EBU National TD. I attended an EBL Tournament Directors Course in 2004 and came first; I directed at the EBL Teams Championship that year, and then attained the rank of EBL Tournament Director.

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