Mixed trials

The remaining trials for 2020 will be postponed indefinitely, including the closing date of entry, until such time as certainty is restored regarding Covid-19. The events will be rescheduled when possible and new deadlines will be made public once the dates have been fixed.

Olympiad Mixed Trial

The format is a two-day round-robin followed by a two-day final. Please refer to the Olympiad Trials Announcement for details of timetable based on number of entries. Please send entries to Charlie Bucknell - charlie@ebu.co.uk by 5pm 25th March 2020 4th - 7th April 2020, venue Young Chelsea Bridge Club Entries are open for all and are to be taken in teams. Entry fee is £440 per team. Entries received so far: Team Carvery | Laura Covill, Stephen Kennedy, Oliver Powell, Hanna Tuus

European Mixed Teams Championship

The European National Mixed Teams Championship will be held in Funchal, Madeira from the 21st- 27th of June 2020. The EBU will pay entry fees to the European Championships and will provide uniform, but other than that participation is self-funded.

The Trials

7th-10th February 2020, venue Young Chelsea Bridge Club

Entries received:

Crouch Peter Crouch, Anita Sinclair, Espen Erichsen, Helen Erichsen, Tom Paske, Susanna Gross
Hinden Michael Byrne, Heather Dhondy, Joe Fawcett, Frances Hinden, Graham Osborne, Kay Preddy
Shashou Nathalie Shashou, Nick Sandqvist, Alexandra Birchall, Niall Igoe
Seale Catherine Seale and Ian Pagan, Neil Rosen and Anne Rosen