National Grading Scheme

The NGS is a measure of current performance for EBU members, which is of interest to the whole membership, from novices to ordinary club players to Internationals. It can also help players judge which events are suitable for them and which other players are of a similar standard to them.

Master Point Rankings

Master points are awarded by the EBU to players for success in bridge tournaments run under their auspices, from regular club games to large national competitions. They provide a measure of lifetime achievement, which adds interest for many of our members and provides them with goals to aim at.

Latest News

Master Points From Other Countries

We accept Master Points from the following countries: Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Australia. We do not accept Master Points from any other countries, as typically...

NGS Issues

The problems we've experienced with the NGS for a few days have now been resolved, and it has caught up on the unprocessed sessions.

Changes to the National Grading Scheme

Changes have been introduced to the National Grading Scheme. These were made in response to feedback received during the consultation of clubs which took place last year. The grade of players...

Star Grand Masters

New in July 2017. The ranks of 1, 2, 3, and 4 Star Grand Masters have been introduced to bridge the gap between the existing ranks of Grand Master and Premier Grand Master. It was recognised that...