Virtual Seaside Summer Congress

RealBridge, 2nd -4th July 2021

Previously the English Riviera Congress, this event will take place online in 2021 and for this year only will be referred to as the “Virtual Seaside Summer Congress”.

This congress will be composed of the combined English Riviera Congress and Scarborough Summer Congress.

We hope to return to a live event at a new venue in 2022.

All events are Level 4. The Swiss Pairs is a stratified event.

To enter

The easiest way to enter is online through My EBU. Log-in and select 'Book Events' from the Utilities menu. You can also call 01296 317203, email, or post the above booking form.

Congress Prices

The prices for this congress are significantly lower than they would have been face to face, but reflect the fact that green-pointed events always attract a premium. 

We have been working hard to keep bridge going over the last year, but even with an end in sight we still need to work hard to keep the EBU going. Despite taking advantage of all government support that has been available, making a number of staff redundant and cutting costs everywhere we can, we have still needed to use our reserves and expect to do so more in the coming year when the government support is no longer available.

Competitions are one way of raising the money necessary for the EBU's survival and we will be following this pricing strategy for all our online congresses and major competitions.


2019 Swiss Pairs - Harry Anoyrkatis & Sally Anoyrkatis Swiss Teams - Gary Hyett, Robert Miller, Bill Taylor & Alan Cooke

event not held in 2020

Day Times Description
Friday 2nd July 11.30am - 2.15pm Swiss Teams (3 x 7-board matches)
3pm - 6.45pm Swiss Teams (4 x 7-board matches)
Saturday 3rd July 11.30am - 2.15pm Stratified Swiss Pairs (3 x 7-board matches)
3pm - 6.45pm Stratified Swiss Pairs (4 x 7-board matches)
Sunday 4th July 11.30am - 2.15pm Stratified Swiss Pairs (3 x 7-board matches)
2.45pm - 5.30pm Stratified Swiss Pairs (3 x 7-board matches)
Entry Fees
Code Event Price
(A) Full Congress £94
(B) Swiss Teams £36
(C) Stratified Swiss Pairs £62
Closing date for entries is 24th June 2021. Entry fees are per player and should be made in advance.

Master Points

All events are fully Green Pointed.


Level 4 agreements are permitted in all events.

Please can you email your Convention Card in the correct format (WBF for Trials and EBU card for EBU Congresses) to We will send you a link to a pdf version which you can then provide at the table for your opponents.

Permitted Conventions

All events are 'Level 4'.

Previous Results

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Find a partner/team mates

If you are looking for a partner or team mates for this congress, please email