National Point-a-Board Teams (online)

22nd – 23rd Jan 2022, RealBridge

Formerly part of the National Teams Congress

The National Point-a-Board Teams in 2022 will be played online. 

 The event in 2022 will either be played as round robin over two day or played as a two session qualifier on Saturday with a Final/Consolation Final on Sunday.

The event in 2022 will (if numbers allow) follow the format of a two-session qualifier on Saturday with a Final (with carryover) and a Consolation Final (without carryover) on Sunday; otherwise, the event will be played as a complete round robin over the two days. Master Points for matches won will be enhanced. As well as providing a rare opportunity to play with this fascinating and skilful form of scoring, the congress will be ideal for players wishing to add to their Green Point tally since there will be enhanced master points (masterpoints will be awarded for matches won at a 50% enhanced rate in the qualifier and main final). The Point-a-Board Teams is part of the Championship Series, in which points can be earned towards the Player of the Year Championship.

A short guide to Point-a-Board matches is available here, read David Gold's guide to the tactics of PAB in the June 2013 issue of English Bridge, or read Brian Senior's discussion of the different tactics for Point-a-Board, IMPs and Match Points.

It is worth noting that Point-a-Board tactics are very like those for matchpointed pairs - the usual club game - and as such this might be an interesting event for those who have not played much teams before: like a club duplicate but with team-mates! There will also be scores based on the matchpointed pairs results and these will be used for NGS purposes.

To enter

The easiest way to enter is online through My EBU. Log-in and select 'Book Events' from the Utilities menu. You can also call 01296 317203 or email

Congress Prices

The prices for our online congresses and competitions are significantly lower than they would have been face to face (about 20% less), but reflect the fact that green-pointed events always attract a premium.

We have been working hard to keep bridge going over the last 18 months, but with the pandemic still affecting everything, we also need to work hard to keep the EBU going financially. Despite taking advantage of all government support that has been available, making a number of staff redundant and cutting costs everywhere we can, we will still be using our reserves at an unsustainable rate. With the furlough scheme coming to an end shortly this will only get worse.

Competitions are one way of raising the money necessary for the EBU's survival and we will be following this pricing strategy for all our online congresses and major competitions.


2021 Martin Seligman, David Bakhshi, Espen Lindqvist & Boye Brogeland



Start time

End time





24 boards



24 boards




18 boards



24 boards

Details of the timetable may be subject to change.

Entry Fees
£200 per team of up to six players
Closing date for entries is 20th January 2022

Master Points

Fully green pointed. Master points issued at enhanced rate for matches won throughout.

Venue and Tariff

Venue for 2022: RealBridge

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Find a partner/team mates

If you are looking for a partner or team mates for this congress, please email