Kosha Engler

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Kosha Engler moved to London in 2005. She has worked in theatre, film, TV, radio, video games, and print in the USA and the UK. Most recently she played Pat Collins opposite Andrew Lincoln as astronaut Michael Collins in Moonshot for ITV and Dangerous Films, about the Apollo 11 moon landing. It was broadcast in 2009.

How did you start playing bridge?
My husband and his Cambridge Footlights buddies taught me while on a group holiday over New Year 2002.
How often do you play?
About once a month.
What does bridge mean to you?
I grew up playing cards–it’s the way my family bonds. My uncle taught me the riffle shuffle with a cascade finish when I was 8.Then I worked my way up from
one-to four-player games: solitaire, gin rummy, casino, euchre, spades. Bridge was always the ‘hard game.’ My parents didn’t play and I felt intimidated by its complexity. But when I finally gave in and learned to play, a new world opened up: the intricacies of the game are exactly what make it so thrilling.
If you could change one thing about bridge, what would it be?
Declarer could have the option of asking dummy for advice on any given trick. As a penalty for the advantage, the trick won with dummy’s advice would be worth half points, so if trumps are a major, the trick in question would only be worth 15 instead of 30 points.
What are your other hobbies?
Country walks, reading, writing, travelling, watching films, looking after our two kittens, gardening, knitting, games.