Farokh Engineer

FAROKH Engineer’s test cricket career started in 1961 and continued to1975; he was India’s first-choice wicketkeeper for most of that period. As a batsman, he plundered 94 before lunch on the first day in the Madras test in 1966-67. Farokh also lent his
face – and hair! – to the Brylcreem advertising campaign.
How did you start playing bridge?
I had a knee replacement operation – not an uncommon occurrence for a cricketer – and was bored during the long recovery period that followed. A friend took me to the Manchester Bridge Club; I played a few times and
was hooked! Asin cricket, I didn’t take lessons but just threw myself in at the deep end. However, I had help from Jeff Morris, owner of Manchester BC, who gave me a portable bridge-playing computer to practice with.
How often do you play?
Two or three times a week, either rubber or duplicate.
What does bridge mean to you?
A lot! It keeps my mind alert. As in cricket, you never stop learning.

If you could change one thing about bridge, what would it be?
I would discourage from playing those opinionated people who make life a misery for others with gratuitous criticism. The really good players are not like that and advise only when asked!
What are your hobbies outside bridge?
More bridge! But I also do a lot of commentating for the media all over the world – mostly cricket, but I hope bridge will be next!