Ed Glinert

Journalist and author Ed Glinert specializes in writing about London and has published several books on the subject – most notably The London Compendium, chosen by two leading newspapers as one of their ‘books of the year’. His latest book, The Manchester Compendium, published by Penguin.

How did you start playing bridge?
My maths teacher at school when I was 12 threatened the class: learn to play bridge, or find pi to a million decimal places.
How often do you play?
Twice a week, although I often retire at night with Goren and Kelsey to keep myself fresh.
What does playing bridge mean to you?
The chance of being humiliated by my peers at the cost of only a few pounds (unless we’ve won the week before and have a free entrance ticket).
If you could change one thing about bridge, what would it be?
I once saw someone open as dealer with a double.When it was explained to her that this was against the rules, her reply – too long to go into here - convinced me that she was right and that the laws should be changed.
What are your hobbies outside bridge?
Translating the Bible from the original Hebrew properly, writing ever more books, eating, and Arsenal Football Club and everything associated with it