Support for Junior Squad Sim Pairs this week

February 7, 2022

Please be aware that due to the Junior Squad Sim Pairs taking place this week, travellers and hand records for all EBU Virtual Club games will be suppressed for non-players between 12 noon and 10pm each day from Monday 7th - Thursday 10th February. This means that if your club is using a non-playing director they will not be able to process the results for the session until after 10pm regardless of whether it is a Sim session or not. Those playing in the games will be able to see their results on BBO as usual.

If your club would like to enter one of the events, you can still do so via the club My EBU log in, under utilities, sims events.

Apologies for any inconvenience this will cause but it is necessary to avoid the boards from the Sims being seen whilst they are still live and being played at other clubs.


How to take part

If your club would like to participate in this Sim Pairs, you can quickly and easily register in the usual manner, through the club's account on My EBU. You can register right up until the start of the session in question. Commentary booklets will be available via your clubs My EBU page. Full details of how to register, and information on downloading the hands and submitting the results, can be seen here and here. For clubs playing on BBO instructions on uploading hands can be found here. Clubs using RealBridge can upload the files via the standard director functionality, instructions here.

For 2022 the entry fees are £2.90 per player, plus the usual Universal Membership Subscription payment.

Information on the benefits of participating in the event, including entry in the prize draw and more details on how clubs can participate, are available on the Sims page.