New Disciplinary Conviction

October 22, 2021

An EBU Disciplinary Committee recently considered the following charges against Nicole Barclay (Cook) at a hearing in late September.

Refusal to implement appropriate and reasonable instructions given by persons whom the EBU has officially appointed to represent it for the organisation of events or the conducting of its affairs.

The Disciplinary Committee considered: 

That the defendant Nicole Barclay used her EBU TD login to run games on the Bridgebase Online (“BBO”) platform that were ostensibly free to play in, but that:  

a. the defendant received separate remuneration from the clubs concerned for running these games on their behalf; and 

b. entry fees were charged to the players  “offline”  (i.e.  not via payment to BBO in BBO$).   

The defendant continued to do this after it had been made clear that this was contrary to BBO regulations which require a 
payment to BBO for any game for which the game organiser is remunerated and/or for which  “offline”  entry  fees are charged.  

It  was  also  contrary  to  the instructions  issued to  EBU  TDs  concerning  the  use  of  EBU  TD  logins  on  BBO.  

The Committee imposed a sanction of suspension of EBU membership for a period of 6 months. 


Currently Sanctioned Members