New Bridge Challenge

June 16, 2020

Tens of thousands of bridge players are currently stuck at home under lockdown. Many have jumped into the online world to enable them to continue playing their beloved game. Families and friends are now uniting in bubbles and/or virtually online via online video calls. What an ideal opportunity to introduce them to bridge. To give you a few ideas we’ve created some very short lively videos of regular players teaching their family and friend groups the basics how to play. What are you waiting for? The EBU challenge you to get involved. If you’re lucky enough to have 4 people with you get the cards out. At home alone invite friends or family to a zoom meeting and talk them through how to sign up to BBO. Play with someone who’s never played before, perhaps film it and share it with us. The bidding and card play may not be perfect to start with, but who knows you may have a future world champion bridge player in your midst! Full playlist of all the Bridge Player Challenge videos