Masters and National Pairs

February 11, 2021

There is still time to enter your club to take part in this year's Masters or a host a heat of the National Pairs.

Masters Pairs - 28th February This event is for members below the rank of Regional Master who will be competing for the Ann Staveley trophy. The competition is an excellent opportunity for players to play in a national event that allows them to play against other players of their standard, rather than entering an event with an ‘open’ field. The competition should be held over two-sessions on either BBO or RealBridge. Host clubs have the option to start the first session of 24 boards between 10.30am and 1pm (this window ensures that no club will have finished the first session prior to another club starting). The second session of 24 boards can be followed immediately or after a break.

National Pairs Regional Heats - 21st March This year the Regional Heats will only be run by clubs, not centrally by the EBU. The only cost to clubs will be for the two-session UMS, there is no additional charge. This is not only a qualifying event for the National Pairs final but also up for grabs are five regional trophies, awarded based on the organising clubs’ geographical locations. Clubs can run this event on BBO, Bridge Club Live or RealBridge. The event will be played over two sessions, host clubs will have the option to start at whatever time they wish between 10.30am and 1pm (this window ensures that no heat will have finished the first session prior to the starting time of any other heat). If your club would like to participate in either event, please email